Dry Skin

Dry skin often appears as we start to mature. At this time, our bodies produce much less sweat and sebum. Dry skin can also be a result of improper diet, stress and quite possibly the environmental changes. A facial routine that is geared for dehydrated dry skin will help in the reduction of dry skin cares. Retaining the needed moisture in your skin will be the prime goal for your treatment of dry skin. A continuous effort moisturizing the dry skin will help conquer dry skin cares.

What dry skin remedy is effective?
Adding bath oil to your bath is one remedy to hydrate your skin. Bath oils are available with aromatherapy ingredients, and also are offered with therapeutic formulations. This dry skin remedy can be very relaxing and leave the skin feeling very smooth!

More effective dry skin treatment.
There are several methods to effective dry skin treatment. Humidify your environment, if it is possible. The air can be very dry once you turn on the heat, and using. A humidifier would place less stress on your skin also moisturizing your skin after washing will aid in
dry skin treatment
as well. Switching to a cr?me based skin care regimen during the drier season will also be helpful. A cr?me based skin care product verses a lotion based product will be a better treatment for your dry skin treatment.

5 Tips for handling SUPER DRY skin!

Recap of the tips:

1. Try Aquaphor and argan oil for extra dry and irritated patches.
2. Cleanse more efficiently using mild cleansers and cleansing tools. This is really a good tip for all skin types, but it’s especially useful for dry skin!
3. Apply foundation with a damp sponge or brush.
4. Apply a very small amount of powder with a large powder puff (if you like to wear powder, otherwise of course you can skip this)
5. Use a non-absorbent pillowcase. Search for “moisturizing pillowcase” or satin/silk ones specifically designed to prevent absorption of products. The one I use is:

For an example of a super dry skin routine, see my skin care routine video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLI88pOmmMU