Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

A sensitive skin is a thin textured skin. It responses rapidly to heat or cold. Sensitive skin sunburns and windburns easily. Sensitive skin is dry, very delicate and prone to getting allergic reactions. Irritation of skin is easily caused by temperature changes, cosmetics, and detergents. Having sensitive skin, you would need to use a sunscreen lotion or cream. When choosing a product for sensitive skin, make sure it’s a sensitive skin product that has no fragrance in it. A sensitive skin product usually does not have allergens that would irritate the skin, they are usually fragrance free. When treating sensitive skin care, a way to avoid any further reactions is to use soaps and skin care products that do not contain additives such as preservatives, fragrances and colors. Many times there is information on the packaging of a product designed for sensitive skin care. This information will list specifically what’s in the product.

Sensitive skin and chemicals do not mix. I guess you can say it’s like oil and water. People with sensitive skin experience different symptoms when exposed to chemicals these symptoms may occur right away or possibly a few days after exposure. In order to avoid any future reactions to your skin, it would be wise to consciously make an effort not to mix sensitive skin and chemicals.